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Nathan's ranch hand, Garvey Alessio di Clemente orders Silver to clean it up. Victor and Nathan refuse, but the sheriff reminds that blood will be spilled if they don't agree. He eventually lets Big have them and for the first time, the dog shows affection towards anyone. West teaches Burt and Jack along with their friend Larry exercise before boxing. The Baker brothers set the seed salesman Sam's Harry Zimmerman clothes on fire and are arrested, causing the town to laugh. Seeking out his revenge during a poker game gone bad Doc West finds himself in West shoots and kills Garvey. West and the sheriff play a game of poker.

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Jack is so strong that a beam comes down and knocks West unconscious. Millie talks with Burt and Jack and decide to keep their friendship a secret from their fathers. Instead of ordering whiskey he orders tea, causing everyone to ridicule him. Silver rides after him and West rolls his eyes.

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Garvey offers him a seat and a round of poker. West gets a room at the saloon and plans to stay until Garvey is behind bars. Stark nurses West back to health and West continues training the Bakers.

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Millie learns about Nathan's marriage to a woman named Dana, upsetting her. The sheriff tells West that every time Garvey took days off there were robberies, confirming Garvey was one of the thieves. After the sheriff wins, West tells him that he was a doctor, but he accidentally killed a patient while drunk.

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He rides after them on his horse, but is stopped when he sees a boy named Silver Benjamin Petry fall off his horse spooked by a rattlesnake. Victor's barn mysteriously burns down. Join this role at the Doctor's Office in town. West shoots the rattlesnake's rattler off and it retreats into the bushes. We are sorry, but this page is not available to your current location. He still continues to doctor, but vowed never to drink or touch a scalpel. West shoots and kills Garvey.

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Burt and Millie's friendship turns into a romance, causing Jack to be jealous. The doctor gamepass comes in at 55 votes. West decides to settle who claims the land by a boxing in the center of Holysand.

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After leaving the post office he is robbed by two bandits who take everything, including his money. When the sheriff tells West about his back pain, he suggests getting new boots. His wife is in labor and is dying. He also explains that the Bakers are their enemies, as they fight over a piece of land.

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