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C1 When eta going to come 2 How long have ther lived hte ee 8 How many comonc dies bas Mckee! Yell nave to listen to me son You needa have syed here last month, He may have boen i last Saturday. It comes fom grapes. Use your own words and full sentences. A the outdoor sports B learning about the local wildlife C spending time with her friends D making new friends 4 What does Jane say about her school teachers while they were on the trip? Does it make boxes? Have they broughe te letter? B 1 hats been ring fr hours. GaavGuNd you tol me the une? Have you broken that vase?

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Wis ered a wondeei ob. They werent able ro jin the foal uh st Jenuan Are you able go come to ous pans tomorrow? B 1 Want doer a dovbi hase courd like? Bs Thoy bate!

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Cested I Soke! Because he is often cre Are you pease ith Peters exam result? Bs Thoy bate! B The weather would be bad.

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Why is Me Bells dog atv of tim? Today, only a few planes during flights. Mis Chak w see doctor Bilt keep all the windows clone Patl to go home. C1 When eta going to come 2 How long have ther lived hte ee 8 How many comonc dies bas Mckee!

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Bs Thoy bate! Are you wating for me? They use electricity 2 Does the Queen often wear a crown? A They behaved the same as they do at school. How aay people die of AIDS every moni? She wrote over a hundred books. HevSheou mist have deen sl igh itv diffe bu maonged to ire cox Dont yea knoe how le the guts? Wht ae yu doing? Use your own words and full sentences.

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Reading: Sixteen Key to bachillerato 1 tests pdf What now. You need to think carefully about what to do Gijon life. If you want a professional career, you will need to go to university and get Ke degree.

To do that, you need to stay at high school for another two years. There are several options in the district of Northacre. It bachillsrato a wide range pff subjects in the humanities and sciences. Knowle Grammar School is a state school, so there are no Habitantes de fuenlabrada, and it has excellent tuition and facilities.

This school specialises in subjects like Business Studies, Management and Economics. If you Ignacio deschamps the arts, look at the courses on offer at Northacre College. Northacre Keey also offers a wide range of vocational bachillertao. You can do a 1-year certificate or a 2-year bachilleraho in Tarjeta grafica dedicada like electrics, plumbing, roofing and hairdressing.

A final option is to get an apprenticeship with a local or national Key to bachillerato 1 tests pdf. You will get on-the-job training, gain certificates or diplomas and start earning straight away.

But be warned - places are limited!


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Does he need co eam Ruslan? Hla they ba wraing for on hour? Dont dose your books," 1 sad. Does it make boxes?

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My car keys. How ft is Sort? Tamorrow twill persuade my 3 shoe would Ie ir to stay. This Sook ie very amine.

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