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Which car has the best safety features? Who wants fruit juice? Finally, subject questions generally use simple tenses such as present simple, past simple and future simple. Object Q: What is Paul washing? What did damage your house? Amanda washed the car. Present Simple. Welcome to Perfect English Grammar!

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What damaged your house? The normal rules that you learn about making questions, such as inverting the question word and the auxiliary verb, or adding 'do', 'does' or 'did', are all used in object questions. Object questions ask when, where, why, how, and if someone does something: Where do you live? Object Q: How much have your parents spent on a computer?

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However, sometimes we want to ask a question where the thing we want to know is actually the subject of the answer. Which car has the best safety features? Answer: Paul is washing the car. What type of company employs thousands of people?

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Only ONE of the questions is formed correctly. Here's an answer: We can ask about John, in a normal object question: Who did Lucy kiss? Who bought that house?

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Which car has the best safety features? What damaged your house? Subject question: Who dropped the glass? The subject of the question is 'you'. Only ONE of the questions is formed correctly. I'm buying some bread. Subject question: Who likes the new professor? Did you go shopping yesterday? We will read the book. The students like their new professor.

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Question 1 My sister enjoyed the movie. Only ONE of the questions is formed correctly. Here's another example: John met Lucy. A Who did enjoy the movie?

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Who wants fruit juice? I'm Seonaid and I hope you like the website. Object Q: What have you been working on?

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